April 11, 2019

The Heart of “Come Holy Spirit”

Dustin West wrote “Come Holy Spirit” about two years ago. He says, “I remember where I was when I wrote this song. I was in my living room reading about Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came and dwelled in the place where the disciples were. What an experience that must have been and how incredible it would have been to be in the room at the time . . . but then to think that every day I can experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and that my heart is the temple, the place where the Holy Spirit dwells.”

The reality of the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit inspired this song, but James Stockstill played a huge part in shaping it out. Dustin shares, “I began to write the verse and the chorus, but the chorus at that point wasn’t anything like what it is now. I brought the song to James Stockstill, and he has a way of elevating songs and really shaping them out. We worked on it, and I think we finished the lyrics the day we tracked the song.”

This song is special to Dustin, and it’s a prayer that we would all experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. May your heart be the very place that He dwells!

Click here to download the chord chart for "Come Holy Spirit."

“Come Holy Spirit” Lyrics

Verse 1

Holy Spirit, my heart is Your home

The doors are open, flow through every room

I️ want to hear Your voice

I️ want to feel You move

Verse 2

Holy Spirit, burn like fire within

Hidden places brought to light again

I️ want to hear Your voice

I️ want to feel You move


Come, Holy Spirit

Tear through the walls in between us

Fill every space with Your presence

Make this heart Your home

Verse 3

Holy Spirit, whisper words of life

I’m hanging on to every word You speak

I️ want to hear Your voice

I want to feel You move


I️ love You, I️ need You

Come and fill this house

You are always welcome

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