August 08, 2018

How We Add People to Our Teams

This week on Instagram Live we brought in Kayla Stanley, one of our amazing worship leaders here at Bethany Church to talk about our upcoming worship auditions and share how we develop people and add them to our teams.

Infuse is our process for adding new talent to our worship team- for both musicians and singers. The heart of our church is to bring all people into the life, purpose, and family of God. As a worship ministry, our desire to is to bring on board people that are gifted in the area of music. We're passionate about developing people and building the leaders that take the stage at all of our campuses.

What Infuse Looks Like

For our South Baton Rouge Campus, Infuse happens on Thursday nights. In this setting we take in all of our new people, veterans, and every person involved on the weekends and dedicate time to bettering ourselves. We do vocal exercises, train people to hear harmonies, help with tone, and work on taking the stage with confidence. Our musicians take classes every other week where they do intensives and learn the number system. Hayden Stanley, Kayla's husband, oversees this part of Infuse while Kayla leads the vocalists.

As a part of Infuse, we help people understand the "why" behind what we do, and how to do it in a spirit of excellence. Kayla says that her favorite part of Infuse is seeing people grow into awesome worship leaders and stepping into confidence. Everyone grows at a different pace, so we always encourage people to better themselves at their own pace. We believe we're here to develop people and to be worship "mothers" and "fathers", not just worship leaders.

What to Expect at Auditions

If you're local and you're interested in learning and growing in your ability to sing or play an instrument, we encourage you to come to auditions! It's happening on Thursday, August 16th, at 6:30 at our South BR Campus.

Yes, we open up auditions to EVERYONE church-wide! We believe that there's a lot of talent and potential sitting in our chairs every week and we want to do everything we can to reach them.

For vocalists, we're specifically looking for pitch, tone, and the ability to sing harmonies. Hayden will also be overseeing the musician auditions, so we invite all guitar players, pianists, and drummers. We hope to see you there!

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