June 25, 2018

3 Ways to Grow Community In Your Worship Team

We had SUCH A BLAST at Bethany Conference last week! From the worship, to the speakers at night, to the app sessions during the day, we were blown away at what God did during our time together. It was a power-packed couple of days and it was so fun to hang out with many of you!

This week we're sharing a few thoughts that we talked about on Instagram live about building a community. Michelle Martinez, a worship leader from LaPlace recently asked us how our team grows in relationship with one another. It was such a great question that we decided to go live to unpack it. Here's our notes:

3 Ways to Grow Community in Your Worship Team

1. Infuse

This is the assimilation process we use of adding new talent to our team. Within Infuse we onboard people to our team within our church body that are gifted in singing, playing instruments and leading worship. In Infuse we teach, train, and launch leaders at all of our campuses. It's been so fun to connect with people and their amazing gifts and build relationships with them as we serve and grow together. If you would like to know more about the logistics of Infuse, reach out to us and we would love to share more with you.

2. Community Nights

We really believe in community and believe that it is SO healthy. Healthy things grow so we want to see our worship communities grow at all of our campuses. Each campus has community nights where our teams gather together and this has been such a game-changer for us! Some nights we get together and share a meal then hangout and play games, and some nights we worship together in a small group setting. It may look different every time, but the main point is that we are together. And one thing stays the same- we ALWAYS have food (because Louisiana ya'll!) We really believe that community is where it's at because we're building a family.

3. Get to know your people and encourage connection.

As leaders, we should really want to know the people on our team on a personal level. We should work at getting to know them, showing that we care, and helping connect them to other people on the team and within the church. As leaders we are uniquely positioned to connect people to one another. Encourage relationships within your team because it really is the glue that holds a team together and fosters a healthy environment. As a leader, make it a point to place value on community and find ways to build it by connecting people.

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